Meet Our Team

Mr. Mark Bedrosian
Principal More Info
Father Coughlin
Rev. Paul Coughlin
Pastor More Info
Miss Anastasia Siebenaler
Teacher (Pre K-D) More Info
Laurie Longo
Ms. Laurie Longo
Early Childhood Director and Teacher (Pre-K B), Floor Coordinator More Info
Julia Fiedler-Ross
Ms. Julia Fiedler-Ross
Dean of Academics , CSF Apprentice Leader More Info
Ms. Keri Caddigan
School Counselor More Info
School Advisory Board
More Info
Mr. Matthew Haberstroh
Art Teacher More Info
Gina McCart
Mrs. Gina McCart
Director of Admissions and Development More Info
Mrs. Irene Torardi
Reading Specialist More Info
Mrs. Jeanmarie Cataldo Carozza
Administrative Assistant More Info
Mrs. Lisa Keen
Cafeteria Manager More Info
Kelly Cripps
Ms. Kelly Cripps
Kindergarten Teacher More Info
Ani Changelian
Mrs. Ani Changelian
Kindergarten Teacher More Info
Mrs. Nancy LeBlanc
Cafeteria Assistant More Info
Mrs. Harriet Kendall
Cafeteria Assistant More Info
Sandy Solviletti
Ms. Sandy Solviletti
Teacher/Aide (Pre-K C & B) More Info
William Caddigan
Bill Caddigan
Head Custodian More Info
Mr. Joseph Malone
Custodian More Info
Mrs. Carolyn (Lyn) Richard
PK Aide More Info
Michelle Kierce
Mrs. Michelle Kierce
Pre-K Aide (Classroom C) More Info
Laura Tarello
Ms. Laura Tarello
Pre-K Aide (Classroom B) More Info
Mrs. Alicia Proulx
Preschool Aide More Info
Victoria Mullen
Victoria Mullen
Teacher (6 & 7B) - Language Arts & Religion More Info
Ms. Cynthia Gately
Teacher (Gr. 8 & 7A) - Language Arts & Religion, Middle School Floor Coordinator, Sports Coordinator More Info
Julia Damon
Ms. Julia Damon
Teacher (Gr. 6-8) - Social Studies, ASEP Coordinator More Info
Alison Hardy
Ms. Alison Hardy
Teacher (1B) More Info
Mrs. Danielle Sheehy
Teacher (2A) More Info
Miss Kaitlyn Feeney
Teacher (2B) More Info
Ann Amirault
Mrs. Ann Amirault
Teacher (3b) More Info
Mrs. Novello
Mrs. Andrea Novello
Teacher (4A), Floor Coordinator More Info
Brytnee Grogan
Ms. Brytnee Grogan
Teacher (5A) More Info
Karen Garrity
Mrs. Karen Garrity
Kindergarten Aide / Discovery Club Coordinator More Info
Karen Blacquier
Karen Blacquier
First Grade Aide More Info
Ms. Theresa Colbert
First floor Aide More Info
Mr. Ryan Lynch
Music Teacher, PreK-5 More Info
William Greeley
Mr. William Greeley
Physical Education Teacher, PreK-8 More Info
Parthena Panos
School Librarian More Info
Ms.Victoria Vieira
STEM Teacher More Info
Martha Gurry-Axtman
Mrs. Martha Gurry-Axtman
Reading Specialist/Academic Support More Info
Eileen Neal
Ms. Eileen Neal, L.P.N
School Nurse More Info
Mrs. Margaret Chisolm
Ms. Margaret Chisolm
Director of Mission and Identity More Info